Warriors That Farm Mission Statement

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The Mission of Warriors That Farm is to teach and mobilize veterans in the art, science and business aspects of sustainable family farming. To be the facilitator of a transition from battlefield to farm field; to illuminate(1) real options to feed and care for family, pay bills, to start a new life bringing life back to rural America.

Our goal is to cultivate a new generation of farmers / food leaders, and develop viable and meaningful careers through the collaboration of veterans, local community support and farming affiliates. We believe that our returning military possess the discipline, skills and character needed to strengthen rural communities and create sustainable food and economic systems. We believe that real farm fresh food production offers purpose and opportunity, as well as physical and psychological therapeutic benefits.

The mission of WARRIORS THAT FARM is accomplished by immersion style on-farm learning experience; making a sustaining life plan for a peaceful, productive, profitable, and balanced life.

Warriors That Farm

  1.  To provide intellectual or spiritual enlightenment and understanding: “Once you decide to titillate instead of illuminate, you’re on a slippery slope” (Bill Moyers). 

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