Vision for Warriors That Farm

Sunrise on Falster Farm

Since 2002, Karl and Nancy Falster have hosted many visitors from around the world (Woofers) for the purpose of teaching the value of organic/bio-dynamic farming.

  • Three times a day in the kitchen you eat nutrient dense meals with upwards to 90% of the meal coming from our farm. You learn table manners, protocol, presentation, service.
  • In the gardens you learn the complete cycle of life: planning, sowing, rearing and reaping. You start and you complete. How rewarding! Full spectrum, from herbs to row crops.
  • In the fields you learn to value of non-stress holistic animal husbandry, welfare for the fully integrated pastures and water conservation. Poultry, Beef Cattle, Heirloom Pigs.
  • In the forest you learn tree conservation and harvesting.
  • In the corrals you learn how handle animals and breeding techniques.
  • In the shop and barns you learn tractor handling, auto mechanics, and welding
  • In the marketplace you meet the local community and learn how to communicate your farm-distinctive ideas and niche market. You will sell your fresh produce and gourmet meats, gaining confidence in your ability to make a living. Immersion in the passion for producing.

How We Will Accomplish

Karl and Nancy are in the planning stage of starting an on-farm mentoring/apprentice school for veterans here—veterans who desire to learn sustainable agriculture in an immersion style of learning.  We have asked for our first veterans to be here by Spring 2015. As I see it today, these individuals will be screened by local Vet Centers around Texas (and the Ark-La-Tex region) and confirmed as interested parties/students. When this program is fleshed out, it will be interacting in conjunction with North East Texas Community College and Texas A&M, to include their culinary school, farming studies and counseling services as well as local and regional vendors.

We believe this program will be replicated for hundreds of other small regional farmers of our ilk and I would like to think that the Texas Veteran’s commission could quantify this into their service/counseling offerings.

We are producing a PowerPoint presentation and DVD for the Vet Centers to present to veterans that illustrates the capabilities of the local farm to generate a cash stream for his family and to be partt of rejuvenation for the local community that is currently dying across the land. Properly planned and operated, there are real financial capabilities in the well-planned local, sustainable family farm. We’ll also show the Veteran that there is a way to enjoy a balanced, successful life through local agriculture and community.

Eating what one produces on one’s own place, while selling the abundance to the local market is the connection we want to train returning vets to facilitate…a nutrient-dense style of living, finding peace within oneself and learning how to share that worldview with others.

It’s a big chunk to gnaw on and we thought you would like to know about it and participate.

How You Can Participate

We need brainstormers, writers, organizers, printers, media, and contacts in the financial community to put flesh on the program we will teach. I have the outline put together and will publish it on-line to those of you that join the group (you may withdraw at anytime.) I’ve done a lot of things in my life, however, this is a first at on-line collaboration. But that’s the idea…collaborate on-line about the ideas that I believe will transfer knowledge of what we are doing to students, teachers, mentors, supporters, and those that wish to hire the graduating Warriors That Farm.

We need cash too. This will take us to the beginning of a new venture that has no basis of support yet built.

More About Warriors

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