Testimony: Lydia Stuart – Summer 2013

My experience at Falster Farm was very educational. Around every corner, every task that was assigned, there was the gift of new knowledge. Whether it concerned tractors, cattle, chickens, pigs, beekeeping, or sauerkraut there was always something new to glean and two very patient teachers (i.e. Karl and/or Nancy) to help me grasp the concept(s). But to my surprise, farming knowledge was not the banner that my mind hung over the archway of this experience.

The concept that your life, your day, your farm, your plans, and you need to be fluid—this is what I carry with me from Falster Farm. The idea that plans are essential to guide, but to truly be productive, keep the farm going and to keep your family going you must be willing to change your plans. The ability to adapt to the situation is essential. Doing whatever task you are able, wherever you see the need, however you are able to accomplish that task. The Falsters taught that this is truly at the heart of making your dreams and passions a reality. 

— Lydia Stuart, Virginia

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