Testimony: Katharina Lueg & Anna Sandmeir – Summer 2013

How important it is to work together, how motivating it is to work on a project as a team and not just on your own. Suddenly you are able to do things you never imagined you could do. It also became clear how everyone profited so much from each other’s knowledge, experience and point of view. Falster’s sharing their knowledge with us, encouraging us to put to use our individual skills. I learned so much talking to the many people that came to visit or that we visited.

It really made me think how much potential there is if you only reach out to other people, share your knowledge, listen to what they might have to contribute. We humans truly are team players. 🙂

Also, I realized how important it is to really discover your passion. Watching Karl and Nancy working so freely and being so very passionate about it, really loving what they do and having their very own “mission”…that was very inspiring.

  • Respecting nature, the animals’ welfare, and the environment
  • Really committing to your work, feeling responsible, giving a 100%,
  • Community! Opportunity! Good Food! Yes, that’s what they taught us.

— Katharina Lueg, Heidelberg, Psychology student
— Anna Sandmeir, Heidelberg, Psychology student 
     (both for our masters degree)

And we both already graduated from our Bachelor’s program, so we’re Bachelors of Science (B.Sc.) in Psychology 🙂

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