Price List – Falling Star Brand™ meats

Pork Roast PRICE LIST for Falling Star Brand™ meats

Pure Paleo meat from happy, stress free cattle, hogs and poultry reared on Organic and Certified Bio-dynamic™ pastures of Grass & Sweet Clovers. Warriors that learn to farm do so using no poisons, no hormones, no soy, no GMO’s, no glutens; just sweet grass and clovers from birth to finish processing.
Falster Farm is training returning American veterans the ways of the sustainable, small family farm as a model of agriculture.

Living by the motto, Raising Food Fit To Eat™ and teaching others to do the same, Warriors That Farm invite you to buy Falling Star Brandmeats, you’ll be back for more and your purchase will contribute to the after service private education of a veteran.

FALLING STAR BRAND Certified Bio-dynamic™ Beef (Pork is listed below)

Item Price Per Pound Notes
Rib Eye $ 20.00 Usually under 1 lbs.
Beef Brisket 10.00 cut in half
Cube Steak 10.00 Great for Chicken Fried
T-Bone Steak 24.00 Cut 2 per package
Sirloin Steak 11.00 SOLD OUT Makes Great Stew Too
Beef Roast cuts 8.50 weight varies by the cut
Osso Bucco 10.00 labeled ‘soup bones’ but not
Beef Liver 12.00 Highest in Nutrients
Premium Ground (85/15) 8.50 per CHUB 16-18 oz. pure paleo
Bag ‘o Beef Bones for stock 5.00 wt. varies 5 to 9 pounds each bag
Summer Sausage60% beef 40% pork 15.00 per CHUB 16oz. No cereal, No filler, No MSG, No Soy

FALLING STAR BRAND™ Certified Bio-dynamic™ Pork

Ground Pork Paks $8.00 1 lbs. Packs
Pork Chops 10.00 per pound 2 per pack
Pork Ribs 5.00 per pound Small Packs

Cuts subject to availability, shipping handled from farm so some delays may be expected.

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