Fundamental to sustainable animal husbandry is knowledgeable evaluation of the male of the species, any species. Whereas personal preferences as to breed and sex may be of a personal matter, correctness for production should be based on fundamentals of Breeding Soundness, Conformation, Attitude, History of Breeding Results (Get) and of course priceing points.

Key Benefits
  •  Well Balanced Front & Back
  •  Average birth weight of his offspring has been 30#
  •  Consistently down-sizing his get!
  •  Disposition: VERY Polite


  •  DNA Analysis
  •  Semen Evaluation
  •  American Hereford Association Registration 


MB MARTIN LUTHER Calved 17 JAN 2000, passed away Aug 2012. He was is 41″ tall, weighed 1,010 lbs, a horned Miniature Registered Hereford (# 42085293) proven Herd Sire; tattoo MB4, out of Original Rust Largent stock. Semen tested at Navasota Semen Collection was excellent @ 99% clean & modal with a scrotal circumference of 31 cm (very sizable.) His conformation is ideal Lowline: low to the ground, long, well muscled, top line straight and true. His has sizable Rib Eye development, nicely shaped head and horns. He is well balanced – good rear meat (rump) right down to the hock.

History and Notes

We have 6 generations of his get now and much to our delight Luther has been very successful in down-sizing his prodigy and producing mostly females for us and our customers. Yes, he gives us mostly females, and very nice ones. One is a $15,000 heifer! He produces light “birth weight” calves, around 30lbs. MB MARTIN LUTHER is a proven heifer producing bull!

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