Falster Farm’s Rich History Hosting Interns

Falster Farm Interns

Karl and Nancy Falster have a sustainable farm in rural Wood County, Texas. One major thing that sets them apart from thousands of other old farmers is that, since 2002, they have hosted and taught holistic and Bio-Dynamic methods of Southern agriculture to a large number of visitors and volunteers. Their ‘intern’ and volunteer page gives an idea of some of the items covered. Testimonies received over the years illustrate the positive impact made on most all of the folks that have come our way for both those who continue in farming and those that went into industry with a work ethic and life-planning skills they learned while with the Falsters.

If you’ve been an intern at Falster Farm, please add your testimony in the comments below.

Intern Testimonies

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One thought on “Falster Farm’s Rich History Hosting Interns

  1. My two-week stay at Falster Farm taught me more than I would ever have thought it could. Among many adventures, a surprise snowfall found us protecting pipes and thawing animals’ drinking water. Later Karl showed me the way to fell a big, dead tree. I learned brilliant ways to prepare delicious, nutrient-dense food from Nancy, and I was able to learn life lessons while enjoying good conversation and Nancy’s wonderful cooking. Karl and Nancy even gave me help with a career change and advice on my interest in beekeeping. And as a bonus, though I had never seen the birth of a cow or goat before, I got to aid in both at Falster Farm.

    The Falsters have the right idea about a lot of things. They are people of strong character, who stand by their convictions and reach out to those around them, and though I was only a guest for a short time, they treated me like I belonged there. Falster Farm is about hard work, healthy lifestyles, celebration of abundant blessings, and the interconnectedness of life and relationships.

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