Culinary Component – Fundamental!

Why are nutrient dense foods the most basic subject to consider?

Next time you’re watching one of those TV quiz shows and the question asked is: who first proclaimed that “An army marches on its stomach”, you have the choice of four answers: Robert E. Lee, Napoleon Bonaparte, Fredrick the Great, or if you want to impress her, Claudius Galen, chief physician of the Roman Army. While the first to make the quote is debatable, the fact is self-evident and timeless; without body substance, a man cannot function efficiently.

For the happy farmer that gets up before dawn and works seriously throughout the day, solving problems, strenuous labor, riding, walking — not just some 45 minutes at the gym; day in and day out efficiency is tied to the quality of the food he eats and the frequency he eats.

Since the typical day incorporates a meal three times a day, and snacks occasionally, unlike any other activity on the farm, it is the prime motivator. The farmer/cowboy must eat to work.

“I’ll Work for Food”. But not any food. Unfortunately due to improper farming and cooking food can lack nutrition and fail to properly feed the body. Which is why nutrient dense foods is the most basic subject to consider!

A self sustaining farmer must ever think logically, seeking to grasp the underlying causalities of the live he lives, his family relationships, the animals he serves, the environment around him, and of course his own body.

Indeed, of the necessities of life, Food, Clothing, Shelter; Food is the lead item. So, at Warriors That Farm, you will learn not only how to grow food, but most importantly, how to prepare that fresh food source . . . in the nourishing tradition style. This is a science and art form that attracts and retains good health and good friends.

Chef Nancy Falster at Fire Dept

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