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Warriors That Farm is a project of Foundation for Christian Alternatives (FCA).

Edge Of The World Wilderness SchoolFCA was founded on September 11, 1980 as a 501c3 Tax Exempt  educational and charitable organization, and has been providing quality research into cultural issues affecting our American culture, family and society. FCA performs its mission without regard to race, sex, or creed. The Board of Directors (BOD) has certified that neither they nor any employee or related person has a conflict of interest.

In June of 1995 the BOD, at the request of the State of Mississippi, authorized the formation of an educational program for the early intervention of first-time youthful offenders, Edge of the World: a wilderness program in a rural setting. “Everyone wants something done to help turn the tide of youthful violence and crime. FCA has done that,” said Gov. Kirk Fordice.

Life Plan LogoIn September of 1988 the BOD authorized the development of “Life Plan” a mentoring manual for use by adult volunteers engaged in such programs as Big Brothers and Big Sisters. “80% of intercity kids are raised without a father. LIFE PLAN makes a difference.”

Falster Farm is a small family farm owned by the incorporator of FCA, Karl Emmett Falster, and his wife, Nancy Gail Falster. The full particulars of Falster Farm, its infrastructure, nature of its farming practices and involvement in the local and regional community may be viewed at…

Warriors That Farm

Over Thanksgiving weekend 2013 the idea was formed of developing an intervention program for returning veterans, with some interest in farming as a career or needing farming at the therapeutic level. While not complete in development, Warriors That Farm is well positioned to capitalize on the synergy between the long record of sustainable farming at Falster Farm and the rich history of practical, grounded research and development of operations exhibited by FCA.

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