Empowering Warriors to Farm

Who We Are: I’d Like To Know

Warriors That Farm™  is a 501 (c) (3) organization designed to address two major issues in our country: providing opportunities and a healing / growing environment for our veterans, and training future farmers and ranchers in sustainable, poison free agriculture . . . we Raise Food Fit To Eat and Teach Others How™. We are not a feel-good recreational, or high tech fund raising outfit. We are teaching those that wish to be agrarian entrepreneurs how to make a living in today’s small farm in niche markets. Adapt and overcome – can you do it? If so, read on.

Situation Report (Here’s the Need):
All over America, formerly prosperous communities are being transformed into crime-infested wastelands of poverty and despair. Veterans are homeless, with little hope of fulfilling employment. Reports indicate that among returning veterans the suicide rate has risen to 20 per day. What’s not exposed is the numbers enrolled in government welfare, prescription drugs and the like. Perhaps that kinda standard therapy isn’t working for you or, perhaps you want to avoid that lifestyle, or get out of it, farming may be your vibrant best answer, contact us for discussion. Yes, if its an optimistic entrepreneurial lifestyle in a country setting of meaningful work and straight up values, then read on.

Here’s What We Do:
We change lives by teaching the Organic Lifestyle of health and well being to Returning American Veterans (Warriors.) We are value added, sustainable working farm where American veterans are provided education and fulfillment with the goal being a permanent source of sustainable income—the family farm. Through a developing network of Farmers and Ranchers, help is given to transition these veterans into the community of “Local Economy.” If you’re a veteran looking for a fresh start and a first-class opportunity to learn how to farm sustainably . . . Welcome! You are at the right place.

Here’s How It Works:

1. Reliable, Friendly Mentors – Learn with Fellow Veterans
We are veterans that have learned to live on the land willing to help veterans. Our life style / philosophy is to be low stress, friendly and approachable—transferring knowledge about an avenue of opportunity into the fastest growing market segment in America agriculture today; the Organic farming life-style. Small acreages can be turned into a life changing environment, making a good living for yourself and your family. In fact, we feel that farming the land can, with time and earnest effort, enable you to heal yourself. After all, your health is what you eat and of course the pleasure or stress of your labor!

2. On-farm Immersion Style Learning
Why is there a better chance that farming will work for you? You will learn in a structured, immersion style, on-farm fellowship program with fellow veterans. You and your fellow veterans will study all-natural low stress animal husbandry, learn how to grow healthy Bio-Dynamic fruits and vegetables with the chemicals and hormones as well as how to prepare the foods that you grow. You will learn animal welfare, land stewardship, leading to sustainability and nature conservancy.

3. The Cutting Edge of Restoring Health
One thing that makes us a unique opportunity amongst a number of Veteran Outreach / Recreation Programs is our conviction that your health is in your hands, not limited to the meds dispensed. You will learn not only how to grow your food but how to prepare what you grow (the culinary aspect) so you can accomplish full or better health.

4. After-Program Placement Help
What is the end result? Our vision is for this to lead to a lifestyle of positive family development that results in rewarding and sustainable living. After successful completion, veterans are armed with the resources to either go forth and start their own local family farm or to work on other farms or ranches as Top Hand, Foreman, or Manager.

What an opportunity, to be a part of the Ranching Community, Live Free and Open, Associate with Clean and Ethical Businessmen and Women.

Warriors Immediate Needs

Any amount will be appreciated. Even the smallest gifts
will be added with others to meet the figures shown.

Monthly Sustaining Gifts
Bunk House Construction: $43,000
Septic System: $13,350
Sponsor a Warrior Learning to Farm: $1.00 to a $1,000 per month
Spring Seeds: $1,767
Wet Weather Gear for Returning Warriors: $453 x 4 = $1,812
Web Site and Outreach Development: $1,000